An update on my horrible year of bullying and harassment, and a thank you

A brief post today – I have been quite quiet on this blog due to a looming dissertation deadline, but I thought I’d briefly extricate myself from my thesis cave to say a few things:

1) My post about harassment and bullying has now been republished by the Tab, and you can read it here. I was initially hesitant about writing for the press about my experience (I didn’t want to be one of those people who might be seen as using bad things that happened to them to become a BNOC) but it occurred to me that the experiences I have had might well be shared by others, and so getting the word out about what’s happened to me, and the need to speak out is important. Give the Tab piece a share – I hope it gives the people who’ve gone through bullying some comfort, and maybe more will speak out.

2) On a less positive note – it appears my troll, or trolls, is moving into legally dubious territory by impersonating senior members of my college and the University. A few days ago I received this:

And a little bit later, I received this:

Now you don’t need to be a supersleuth to see these emails are fake. I mean, what have I reputedly done which would make Queens’ (it has an apostrophe, dickhead) ban me from going within 400 metres of the college? And why am I suddenly liable for a £50,000 fine for a series of serious charges, brought against me by the “Protors”? For those of you not in Cambridge, Proctors are the University Disciplinary force, and are pretty incompetent to say the least, but no so incompetent that they would be unable to spell their own names. What’s more worrying about these emails is they both appear to come from addresses, so my troll is now impersonating (albeit poorly) some fairly senior people. I’m guessing that they got bored of wanting to set me on fire and then sexually assault me. Anyway, I’m going to pass these onto the authorities and see what they can do about it.

3) On a better note: I wanted to say thank you to the people who have sent me messages of support and solidarity. It really means a lot to me, and I know that that sounds like a cliche, but I really am moved and heartened. So thank you. I also hope that other victims can get the same sense of solidarity as I have. If anyone out there has been affected by bullying and would like a place to speak out about it (anonymously if needs be) I’d be happy to take a guest post to this blog. It gets around 1,000 hits a month, so it’s not the worlds strongest platform, but anything I can do to help really.

Anyway, the thesis cave is calling to me. Thanks again for all the support. Catch you when I have more letters after my name.




2 thoughts on “An update on my horrible year of bullying and harassment, and a thank you

  1. Hey, just read your article on the tab. I'm so sorry to hear what you've been through. I briefly read your article about CUSU, and while it might not be surprising that some people would disagree with what you've written, there is absolutely no call for the horrendous abuse you have received. However, I think you've done the right thing by posting about it and making others aware.
    I hope the perpetrator is caught and disciplined, and that you'll receive no more of these cowardly attempts at intimidation. Keep on!


  2. Hi Chris,

    I read your article on Tab in addition to this. I strongly urge you to report all of this to the police. The perpetrator is not just “moving into legally dubious territory” but has broken the law multiple times in serious ways – death threats, rape threats, harassment (there are specific mentions of online harassment in the law now), assault and undoubtedly several more.

    The police are extremely professional about, and adept with, dealing with online abuse – and have specialists who deal with this. The person doing this is unlikely to have even remotely adequately covered their trail to prevent detection. Police can easily trace the IP address of the messages on various blogs, the throwaway email addresses (providers are legally obliged to store this information and provide to police), fingerprints on leaflets, CCTV near the pigeonholes etc.

    I guarantee the police will take this seriously – people have been investigated and convicted for far less. Please report this – there is a reasonable chance this will escalate further and you may be at real risk (as well as others – now and in the future). Also, in my opinion there is a good chance that this is somebody you know, and I would certainly want to know who if I was you. For best chance of conviction report this to the police sooner rather than later.

    Good luck!


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